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Install Mac x86 on a IntelPC with Vista running on


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currently i am running "Vista Home Premium" on one of my partition and i want to install the "Mac osX 10.4.6 Tiger x86" on my 20GB partition


I've installed Mac on a *mac extended partition and everything abt installation goes cool, then after i dont get it to boot, since i dont have a dual booting option enabled on my vista pc ......however i found out that i could use easyBCD ( since vista dont have boot.ini anymore ) and add an entry to load MacOS from selected partition .....


But smy problem is, the partition where Mac is isntalled is hidden by Mac by default......and windows dont see it ......so i wasn't able to see and point out the drive to load mac from in "easyBCD' software ......


well there might be more ways of loading an Vista and MacOS x86 and have a dual boot system ........since i'm new to dualboot and so on, please let me know a way that i could have my Windows Vista and MacOS Tiger running on same pc ..... love to see mac on my pc ....


i won't mind a re installation .....please help ...

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