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kernel panic! [uphuck 1.3]


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using the SSE2 kernel on the dvd [semthex i think it is?],

i got a little way into loading all the extensions on boot [-v], but it paniced.

only line of text i can make out is: "Kernel loadable modules in backtrace: AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement"

Did i accidently install another driver i didn't mean to?

my setup is SSE2 P4 Celeron 1.7ghz on Via board with savageddr onboard graphics.


Also, i'd like to use a usb keyboard with this computer but the bios dates back to 2000.

was there a way to enable usb peripherals without an OS? i scoured the BIOS settings but found nothing.



on the kernel again, i used the newer Universal Kernel [don't know why] and i got further, to the grey APPLE loading screen.


correction, seems that i have uphuck 1.2

mislabeled on demonoid?!


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