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Several Problems with installation


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after hours of noobish work to get mac os installed i finally stuck at this problem^^


The installer stucked at "Running Mac OSX Installer script" so i turned the computer off and reboot.

now i get the error "Load of /sbin/launchd failed, errno 13"

does anybody an idea to fix this problem?


my computer:

AMD 3800 X2

Biostar nforce410

7600GS pci express

20gb ide hdd



install dvd

JaS 10.4.8 AMD/Intel


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Try reinstalling. Try waiting longer for that script to finish. Try checking your motherboard in the HCLs (linked in my sig). Try other installation images. Please troubleshoot before asking for help, or mention what troubleshooting you've done.

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hm i´ve waited for an hour then i looked into the log it says buffer overflow^^


my motherboard is very specific because of his mini atx format

the only one comparable have some issues but it should work


i have 2 diff. images


both of them force me to retry the installation from time to time -.-

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