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Hi All,


I am new with the osx concept on normal pc's...I installed Osx86 on my Fujitsu-Siemens notebook, with succes! it works great! BUT! I still need Windows Vista for some things (Don't ask me for what :( I want a Dualboot systeem. My HD is 80GB...I just want to Dualboot those 2 (Vista on part.1, 25 GB, OSX pert2, 20 GB), but i tried all the "Simple" Tutorials etc. But i just can't choose one of the os's at boot...I boot OsX or i boot Vista...Tried Acronis Boot Selector etc. Don't work :S Tried the chain0 method...not working...I have installed everything 10 times now, and i am desperate now...Can someone give me some noob hints/tutorials?


Thx in advance.



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