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Stuck at "Running Mac OSX Installer script"


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Can't seem to get past here, I've tried twice now.

Trying to boot from OSX86 hard drive hangs, can't find kernel.

Is this a common problem? It won't seem to finish installation.

I'm running Uphuck 1.3/ Universal Kernel [april] on a Celeron 1.7/Via board.

Onboard S3 graphics, sound, etc.

Also, strangely, when I ran the setup with the drive set up for apple GUID boot table, it finished fine.

Now that i reformatted the drive and selected MBR, it won't finish setup.


So close.


Is there a way to change the boot table to MBR WITHOUT repartitioning?

Like, install OSX on GUID then change it?


Oh, change that, now it's hung at the Apple with the loading graphic, grey screen.

Is this that Logon problem that someone was talkingabout?

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