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Can't set up Decklink HD Extreme pci-e on x86


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hi~ thx for seeing my thread


my spec is






And I installed jas 10.4.8 amd intel sse2 sse3 & ppf1 ppf2 and update 10.4.9 universal kernel with 10.4.9 update combo


All devices are fully working (vga<qe/ci ok,all resolution ok> audio, lan) *vga set up with natit 1.0


and I set up my decklink hd extreme card on pci-e x4 lane and installed decklink 6.2 mac driver ( 7300gt -> pci-e x16lane /

decklink hd card -> pci -e x4 lane


after restart I have lower resolution display (1680/1050 ->1024/768) with single mouse curser and can't see any icon and menus. and i can see only part of full screen. right-click working...


how can i do???

plz help

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hi luv,



i have the same situation as u. when i installed decklink extreme it gives me low res with the dock and tabs at the decklink window. both lcd monitor blue background. which means decklink output is main.

can u pls share how u solve this. thank u in advance.



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