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Mouse and Keyboard not detected


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I am using this iso

Mac OS X 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 [Jas 10.4.8 AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2.iso


I am trying to Instal Mac OS X on a Emachines T6520

3400+ AMD Athlon 64 Processor


512 KB L2 Cache

1600 MHz FSB

200 GB HDD

8-in1 Memory Card Reader

ATI Radeon Express 200 PCI-Express Slot Avaiable

10/100 Etgernet LAN


7 USB Ports


I know i included everything but ya. I will be using the default Emachines Mouse and Keyboard

Emachines Mouse Model #: 0528349

Emachines Keyboard Model #: KB-9908

I also have a Logitech Wireless

Logitech Mouse Model #:M-Rau95

Logitech Keyboard Model #:EX1100


Now if I get the Mac Drivers like I saw in the other forum, how would i add that so THAT gets installed with the OS, so when I get to the Language screen I can actually move my mouse.



Sincerly Thanks,


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The easiest thing to do would be to see if you can find a PS/2 (green/purple plug) to usb converter. one should have come with your keyboard/mouse set (it would be green). If you use your mouse (and keyboard if it doesn't work) in via USB, then this probably will be fixed.


the adapter looks like this:



If you can't find the adapter, plugging in a usb mouse (and keyboard if yours isn't working... borrow the USB Keyboard/mouse from a friend) would fix this.


If your keyboard works, try to Tab through the registration.


Hope this helped.

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does not work. I tried the Mac OS X 10.4.9 Intel and that does not work. Are you by chance a demonoid member? If so use Uphucks version, works iffy fine, but the other one is a hoax, DOESNT WORK! Keeps saying restart, uphucks takes 5-20 min to Install, the other one 4-6 hours. Don't waste your time, tried it on all my systems. HOAX just get rid of it, and go 2 like Gamestop and buy a PS2--->USB convertor and tell them its for computers not for Sony PLaystations 2.

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natively, mac's do not support ps2 (purple-keyboard/green-mouse) connections and require USB... on a rare occasion you can work around... if aesthetics don't bother you... your local tech. retailer will have an 'average' wired usb keyboard/mouse combo for about 10 bucks (found one for 5, but was hot pink, lol)... your best bet is to go on and invest in a cheap optical usb mouse and a cheap keyboard...

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