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Confused as to the install instructions.


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I have the 10.4.8 ISO, my plan is to dual boot. I have Acronis, and the OS Selector is installed and functioning.


I can get the installer to run perfectly, until it gets to the part to select where it installs... then nothing shows up!


I have two hard drives, an 80 gig and a 160 gig, formatted as such:


Disk 1

Unalloc - 7.844 MB

NTFS - 67.92 GB

NTFS - *Primary, Active* - 6.596 GB


Disk 2

Unalloc - 97.65 GB

NTFS - 46.97 GB

Unalloc - 4.428 GB


EDIT: I'm trying to install on an HP Pavilion DV9000 laptop.


Where do I need to go from here to have the installer find a location to install to? I realize the instructions detail how to do this but I'm a bit unclear there.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you... Erik

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