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Jas 10.4.8 boot problem after installed


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have been searching thought the net for this boot issue, but seems all the tutorials do not work for me.


Here is my problem:


Install Jas 10.4.8 SSE3 Only DVD.

during the reboot, i took out the DVD from the drive, it gives me a "Missing Operating System." (it was configured to dual boot with Vista using chain0 method. p.s.- both partitions are primary)


i then set mac os x partiton as active, reboot, this time with the DVD in the driver, press F8 when first see the blinking underscore appeared. voila! it boots up without problem....


but this is not what i want, NO dual boot, i was not able to choose any OS when i press F8, i thought darwin shiould be able to detect Vista on the 1st partiton. but NO, there is no OS selection for me..


But once i try to boo without the DVD in the drive, i get "missing operating system" again.... why? why? why?


BTW, my machine is Lenovo Y400

battery meter - working

ethernet - working

nVidia GO 7300 - 1280x800

Bluetooth - working.

Wireless - NOT WORKING..

USB - working


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