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Quint boot XP/Vista/MacOSX86/(Ed)Ubuntu / HELP

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Hi all


if someone could help me I zould be gratefull, because I´m stuck at this for more then 2 weeks. I´ve read all the wikis, forums I could find, but no luck.




With that one my Vista bootloader got corrupted and I couldn´t repair it with the Vista DVD


I´m trying to set up a quintboot on an IBM T60


Installing each of the OS is no problem, but can´t get any bootloader to work.


These are my partitions made zith gparted


1. 30GB NTFS WinXP (Primary)

2. 30GB NTFS Vista (Primary)

3. 30GB NTFS Mac OSX (Primary)

4. 30GB Extended with 15GB Ubuntu / 6GB Edubuntu and 3GB Swap


I tried alot of things, like the install order.


Ubuntu last , but then my Vista bootloader got corrupted, so I put Vista last and then reinstalled Grub on the Ubuntu Partition. Vista installed last and then with EasyBCD I made a boot for GRUB (on the Ubuntu Partition) and this booted all the OS except for Mac OSX which gave me then an HFS and Partition error.


So when I booted the EasyBCD loader gave me something like this


Windows Vista



and if I choose Grub, it gave me the correctly configured grub with







They all booted, but the Mac OSX gave me the HFS and Partition error after one boot.

When I tried to fix that with the Mac DVD, the Vista bootloader got corrupted again. No way to fix that with the Vista DVD (it doesn´t display any Vista installation in the repair modus), so I was back to reinstalling Vista and so it seems I´m running in circles.


One more thing, when I choose WinXP from grub, the next time I booted the laptop it automatically booted into WinXP. Each time I had to manually edit this using Gparted and the managing flags options, to put the boot back on Vista.


I tried adding MacOSX to EasyBCD, but then it wouldn´t boot, it gave my a 2sec MacOSX boot screen and went back to the Vista boot screen.


I used EasyBCD 1.6 and couldn´t find the "Auto-configure Mac Settings" like they explain in their tutorial.


I´ve been trying to get this working for more then 2 weeks, so if someone could help me out, you would help this young girl alot, THX


EasyBCD tutorial about adding OSX


<H3 id=MacOSX-OSXBeforeWindowsVista>

<H3 id=MacOSX-OSXBeforeWindowsVista>OS X Before Windows Vista</H3>The most common setup for users looking to get OS running on their PCs involves a pre-existing OS X installation followed by a Windows Vista install. In this case, the computer boots into the Windows Vista bootloader, and does not have an option to boot into OS X.
  1. Fire-up EasyBCD, and navigate to the "Add/Remove Entries" screen.
  2. Select "Mac OS X" from the tabs at the top.
  3. From the platform drop-down list, select "Generic x86 Hardware"
  4. If you wish to change the name from the default "NST Mac OS X," you may do so now.
  5. Select "Auto-configure Mac Settings" and then hit "Add Entry" to finish up.

You can now reboot your PC, and select "NST Mac OS X" (or whatever you chose to call it) from the Vista bootloader. OS X should begin to boot immediately.


<H2 id=MacOSX-Troubleshooting>Troubleshooting</H2>

  1. Can you help me install OS X?
  2. I get a "HFS+ Partition Error" when I select OS X from the Vista bootloader... HELP!
    EasyBCD 1.6linkext7.gif has a new feature in the [Diagnostics Center] for dealing with this particularly nasty bug. Fortunately, EasyBCD makes it really easy to deal with it: just select the "HFS+ Partition Error" repair button, select your OS X drive and partition numbers from the list (drives start counting from 0, partitions start at 1), and hit the repair button!



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