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Strange Darwin bootloader behavior


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Hi all,

I have an unsolved issue with the Darwin bootloader on my T60p.

Currently, I have two SATA drivers:

  • the internal one, is configured for OSX
  • the external one (on Ultrabay) is configured for XP

Previously, my OSX disk had two partition (NTFS and HFS+), then I replaced the NTFS partition with a new HFS+ partition and a fresh (amazing!) installation of 10.4.9.

Everything worked fine until I erased the second HFS+ partition (the original test partition).


The boot loader won't boot anymore.

At this point, I tried several changes (GRUB, LILO, ecc.) but no way of have back my OSX.


Now the situation is:

no drive in the Ultrabay, just the internal one with OSX (so no XP issues), a single bootable HFS+ partition (volume has been checked, its ok), Darwin bootloader on MBR (using fdisk -u).

If I make the partition unbootable, I get "b0 error", but if I make it bootable, the bootloader (at this point the one on the HFS+ partition), starts scanning the disk endlessly.


To be honest, I previously messed up my partition table but now it should be ok, thanks to the wonderful TestDisk, the only one that does it's job :-)


I tried also to put boot1h on the first sector of the partition (with dd) but nothing changed.


I would like to have some help about that and, probably more important, I would like to really understand the correct boot sequence (what piece should go where).


Thank you all guys, it is always a lot of fun !!


Ah, currently my T60p runs 10.4.9/8.9.1 with QE/CI, wireless working, ethernet working, mouse tearing solved.

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