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My OSx86 Successes.


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I seem to be having pretty good luck with my OSx86 install, most everything seems to be working with a couple of minor exceptions.



Gigabyte 965P-DS3P Motherboard (Rev. 3.3)

Intel E6600 2.4Ghz core 2 duo CPU (Running at 3Ghz - big quiet accessory cooling unit)


Western Digital SATA2 HDD


nVidia 7900GT / 8600GTS videocards


I've got the HDD and DVD/RW on the ICH8R SATA bus running in AHCI mode, and all seems ok (64.28 in XBench on all the HDD tests versus the 29.90 on my little Mac Mini).


Audio is the Azalia/Realtek 886 chipset which works after using the appropriate patch from these forums, I have working digital SPDIF output and stereo line-out. If I so desired I can even have 5.1 output.


The nVidia 7900GT works perfectly, supports everything and runs dualscreen etc. (Using the latest Diabolik package with the GeForce 8xxx series kexts)


The nVidia 8600GTS, 256Mb (passive heatsink) is only detected as having 14Mb RAM by Darwin, but with the removal of the Natit.kext it runs fine in 1024x768, albeit with no dualscreen, QE (Quartz Extreme) or CI (Core Image) support as it's running in plain old VESA 3.0 mode.


I created a slipstreamed WinXP SP2 install disk (using "nlite") with all the latest autopatcher updates on it and merged in the ICH8R chipset and JMicron drivers so I can install with full AHCI/RAID support and have both interfaces working fully on the WinXP dualboot and OSx86.




Firewire (2 ports)

USB works (8 ports)

Bluetooth dongle - Broadcom 8046 (which i've installed inside the case)

SATA AHCI ICH8R (6 ports) (Works out of the box)

SATA AHCI JMicron (2 ports) (kext editing needed) - haven't compared speed of the 2 interfaces yet

Azalia HD Audio (6 ports / SPDIF)

nVidia 7900GT 256Mb XFX (Perfect! Diaboliks nVidia 8xxx/Natit kext package)

nVidia 8800GTS 256Mb Gigabyte (VESA 3.0 compatibility mode only)

Network (Marvell Yukon 8056 - needed to edit IONetworkingFamily.kext)


Doesn't work:


Sleep mode (Spins HDD down but that's about it, sometimes locks up and won't wake)

nVidia 8800 accelerated mode. (VESA 3 only)


And that's about it really.


I've installed the 10.4.9 uPhuck 1.3 DVD and replaced the kernel with the latest one from the osx86.hu IRC #kernel channel.


I even managed to do a migration of all my data from my Mac Mini which worked fine although Quicktime was broken until I reinstalled it, not sure why.



It's taken me a week of mucking about and about a dozen different installs to get everything behaving (including dualboot with common HDD interface) - but it's now a perfectly usable system, and it's _fast_! (6Ghz of effective power!)


Running XGrid with this machine, my Mac Mini and the flatmates Mac Mini yields 12.86Ghz of processing power for use with VisualHub. Makes encoding a bunch of files for the PS3 nice and fast ;)


So there ya go, anyone with similar hardware should be able to get things going with enough perserverance and browsing of these forums!


Good luck, and thanks very much to anyone who has contributed something to these forums so people like myself who are only low-level hackers, can manage to get this thing up and running!

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