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Dell D600 few hardware problems

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Ok I am new to the MAC OS X scene. And any help that you may provide would greatly be appreciated. Wether it be links some turorials pics something is better then nothing. I have looked through all 15 pages under supported network cards and all 15 pages of the hardware forum.


I intsalled Jas OS X 10.4.8 (8L2127) Intel SSE2 Tiger on my D600.


D600 Specs

1.6ghz mobile

256mb ddr

30gb drive

ati mobility9000

broadcom gigabyte ethernet

truemobile 1350 wireless


I have already got the built in broadcom card working via some kext edits. A few things I am having trouble with is:

1. Getting the truemobile 1350 card to work.


****UPDATE***** I have gotten the truemobile 1350 / broadcom 4306 card working fromTHIS PAGE


Only problem now is getting it to connect to my linksys router.


2. My PCMCIA adapter doesnt work so I can not try my PCMCIA netgear wireless card.

3. I would like the kext fix for the ATI Mobility 9000. As it is right now when I view the screensaver menu it crashes. (See attatchment.)


Please people you all have helped so many other people, lets make mine the next successful build.






If you need more info please let me know.


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hi numanak, AFAIK after you have Jas OS installed, do not boot from the CD/DVD again. just let the HD boot and run -v after you select F8. make sure that you have select only intel with SSE2/SSE3 during installation. hope it helps.


best regards,


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