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Video driver issue! HEEEEEEEEELP!

Rui Almeida

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Hello to all


I managed to install Jas 10.4.8 DVD

i,m running a gigabyte mobo with a dual core intel 820 processor

everything works fine the problem is that i need the graphics to work

it is the only purpose i´m testing this OSX i work in a hospital and we need to test a software called OSIRIX

it´s a medical image viewer, but it´s very heavy and the graphics need to be in perfect working condition

the off-board video card i managed to get is a ATI Radeon 9200le with 128mb AGP osx runs like a champ

but i don´t have any kind of video accelaration the system and desktop work fine..

but low resolution 1024x768x32 and as i said i can´t get dvd or opengl to work..


PLEASE can someone help me with this problem...


thanks to all


Rui Almeida

Recife, Brasil


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