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Took the plunge - frankenmac for $300...

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Hello everyone,


Today I decided to purchase an eMachines (yeah I know...) T3612 for use as a semi HT PC. I want to run OSX on it and I feel that it should properly given the fact that it has:


Intel 945 chipset

Intel GMA 950 onboard



CPU is a 3.4ghz celeron D

512MB RAM (1GB stick coming soon)




But what I'm concerned about is audio. I will be using this for streaming video (MP4 content) from my intel iMac and audio is a must. I believe the audio chipset is of the realtek variety but I am unsure.


I would like the onboard audio to work but I suppose i can do without as external USB boxes work. Anyone have more info on this box or suggestions?


I mean for under $300 after rebate it seems like a nice deal regardless...




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Well it will work. For the audio... You shall have to get me the Device ID & the Vendor ID of the onboard sound. Do this by installing Windows or using a live Windows CD (like BartPE) and check out the ID's in the device manager.

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Well, Im retarded, and I formatted my new emachines 3612 (bought just for this) and I didnt get the device ID's


Anyone get this yet?


Already got this one working cept the front panel I/O's dont work right now. Now the networking thing is the next step.

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