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Usa a VMWare Fusion file for Boot Camp?


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Just got my new iMac, installed VMWare Fusion Beta, Parallels Desktop and have XP images on both (played with them before on my MacBook).

However, I today also installed Boot Camp 1.3 Beta, and wanted to know if I could somehow use any of the existing installs (images) from either VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop (XP) on Boot Camp, rather than install from zero...


Alternately, I thought:


On either Fusion or Parallels, use Acrons True Image backup, make the backup of that install, install a Boot Camp instalation of XP, install Acronis on that install, restore the Fusion of Parallels install to the Boot Camp.


Sounds like a lot of work, but yes, no, maybe?


Reasons are simple:


VMWare images have been built, groomed, perfected, loaded, etc., and in the interest of saving gobs of time and duplicate work.......get it?

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