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Problem when booting after instal


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I have the Mac OS X JaS.10.4.9 version, I tried to install it on my old desktop pc:


Intel Pentium 4 1,9GHz (Overclocked to 2.1)

1 gig Ram

NVidia Gforce 4 4600ti


I installed a new HD in the pc just to instal my mac OS on without infecting my windows installation on my other HDs. My other HDs are in raid configuration so they don't show up in the select destination menu. The new HD is 30 GB large.


So far the description of my system, now over to the problem:

The installation of Mac OS worked like a charm, but when my computer reboots after the installation there is an error at the gray screen.

When I run it in "-v" mode the error is at the following line:


localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/MacOs/loginwindow: Login window Aplication Started


I hope that someone can help me, is it possible that the desktop is simply to out dated for the OS X? I dont want to install it on one of my laptops because I need them for work.



Kind regards


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