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A couple of questions, ATI + About This Mac


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After having installed without hiccup, I wanted to make a couple of changes.

I wanted to get my two monitors (both Iiyama Vision Master Pro 450, old but good, CRT) working as they do in XP, and not mirrored as in OSX (resolutions are fine, 1280x1024 @ 85Hz). So after some searching, I found the NatitX1600.r1v3.Installer.

After its installation, no changes in the options in OSX, no chance of having an extended secondary display. Shouldn't this option be available or have I misunderstood?

And since installing Natit, I can't use About This Mac without either logging out or freezing. (Was working fine before Natit). So to attempt to solve this, I found the loginwindow.app, from the 10.4.4 (or 5) version, but it hasn't helped any.


Any ideas or help appreciated.


MB: asrock 775 dualvsta

Pentium D850

ATI X1600 agp

OSX86 on its own HD, XP on another.

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