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First build won't load Darwin (10.4.8)


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N00b to this - TIA for any help.


I've been reading the wiki for a while and decided to go with a pre-built machine for my first hackintosh. Scored a Optiplex GX270 for cheap - has


P4 2.4

1024 ram (4X 256),

on board video,

120gb hdd (on PATA) (1 partition - empty)

dvd-rom drive


Matches to two of the builds @ the wiki (link below).




Hoping for a single boot OSx machine.

Trying to run 10.4.8, gets to the first few steps of loading Darwin and it reboots. Searched the forums and tried the below solutions:


-Could not locate SMART in bios (to disable it)

-Put the HDD and the DVD-Rom drive on the same IDE Chan (HDD master, DVD-Rom slave) - also tried with them on the two IDE chans

-Running w/one stick of ram (256 mb)

-Increased video mem allocation in bios from 1mb to 8mb


No dice on anything.


Name of the image file is JaS.10.4.8.Intel.SSE3.Only.Install.DVD.iso


Any advice is appreciated.



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