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Just A Funny Little Story...


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So I decided to install OS X on my gaming PC today...

I had done it before but had so many problems that I just got rid of it before...


So, I decided I would go with four Operating systems. Just so I could say I did...

Windows XP--For gaming

Windows Vista--For testing out, practicing... preparing myself for the 'future'... and to show off (even though I dislike it mostly)

Ubuntu Linux 6.10-- 6.10 because I have dial up internet >_< Otherwise I would have 7.04. I just want to expand my knowledge of Linux ^^ and sometimes show people there are alternatives to Windows/OS X.

Mac OS X 10.4.7 JaS Release!


So I got all of the Operating Systems installed...

I was sure it would work...

I entered all the stuff into grub, and rebooted.

I tried to boot into OS X first, because I was SO excited.

It wouldn't even do anything :S

So confused... changed settings... twiddled my thumbs... tried out Vista, XP, Ubuntu...

Went and watched a movie...

Came back... and looked at it

I had put "Chainloader +1"

instead of "chainloader +1"

I'm like... "pfft, as if that can make a big difference."

I reboot, it boots into OS X perfect :|


Anyways... I'm so glad I got it going ;)


I only have 2 1/2 problems...

I have a Creative Audigy sound card >_< I doubt it will ever work, but please... enlighten me!

I have a ATI X300SE Video Card (I know its so old... I want to upgrade to something better... maybe a Geforce 8600 since they will probably be fully supported) It works very good, but there is tearing. I even tested out video, but because there is no sound... It looked like it was playing too fast :S Oh well... If anyone knows how to get that working that would be great :)

and... my half problem... I have no internet on it!!! gahhh. Oh well.



Thanks for reading!


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