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WG311t recognized and working but very slow.

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Ive looked through the forum and followed all the instructions I could to get this wifi card working and I have had some success. The card is recognized as AirPort Extreme (0x168c, 0x5a00) Im using a Jas 10.4.8 install


This is what system profiler says about the card

Wireless Card Local : unknown

Wireless card Firmware Version: 0.1.27

Current Wireless Network: MyAP

Wireless Channel: 6


And thats it


My computer is in the same place it has always been and I have used it with a similar card on windows before. Im also sitting 2feet away with my osx86 laptop coneccted at full strength. So the range shouldnt be an issue


Also the WG311T is a 108mbps b/g card and Im connected at only 11mbps


I can browse the web but at speeds worse than dialup and about 3 quarters of the time pages wont load at all.


Any ideas on what to do. I know people have gotten this card to work completely, but no one seems to have had this issue after the install.


Maybe I need to find out how to set the location or upgrade the firmware, but I have no idea how this would be done.

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Local : Unknown has nothing to do with where the router or card is located. Some times it will say Worldwide or USA. It is what the manufacturer coded into the rom and is nothing to worry about, more to do with marketing. This is not the source of your low power problems. Mine says unknown too but is working with full G speeds and is much further from my router. Your problem must lie elsewhere.

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