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EVGA 680i Ethernet Adapters


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Ok so I have trolled these foums on a way to get my ethernet to work. The name of the ethernet controller is

NVidia Nforce Ethernet Controller:


Some people have posted ways to get it to work but I have not using those methods.

As of right now the oboard ethernet is detected I think, but the status is that a "Cable is unplugged"

They are both plugged in and they router they are attached to says there is no cable connected.

The lights on the back of the comuter where the Cables are connected are not blinking either.

I have done all the routine options like turning on and off, changing cables, they work perfect in XP.

I have installed OSX 10.4.8 with both the AMD and Intel chip options like I was told for this board and I also trued the Appleyukon trick and got nothing. I read somwhere that someone was able to come up with a solution but I have not been able to find it... someone please help.. it's the last thing I need to get this OS up and running.

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