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rEFIt not working on new MBP


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Hey All,


I just got one of the new MacBook Pros and I'm trying to get Linux + OS X Dual boot running on it. I downloaded rEFIt, installed and installed boot camp, created the partition and rebooted just to check and make sure everyhing was kosher and I got the whote screen with the blinking folder.


I've since booted from the OS X cd and selected the right startup volume and removed rEFIt for the time being.


What's the deal though? Did I do something wrong? Did Apple change something on the new MBPs?



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Well, I'm aware of the problem, but without access to one of the new machines it's hard for me to do much about it. :-( Apple could have changed any of a number of things, including making the EFI environment 64-bit native, or even putting AppleTV-style restrictions in place. If anyone has any hints which EFI spec version and which binary formats the new machines support, that would be greatly appreciated.


Other bits that might be useful are the output of 'nvram -p' and 'bless --info' in a clean state, and maybe a copy of /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi (or whatever else is listed as the boot loader by bless --info).

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nvram -p is:


yeahyeah:~ jack$ nvram -p

boot-image %02%01%0c%d0A%03%0a%01%01%06%02%1f%03%12%0a%04%01*%02(@%06@%0cy4%b2z#[vE%83%b0%0c%df%84%1cQ4%02%02%04%04%184c1973000%7f%ff%04

efi-boot-device-data %02%01%0c%d0A%03%0a%01%01%06%02%1f%03%12%0a%04%01*%02(@%06@%0cy4%b2z#[vE%83%b0%0c%df%84%1cQ4%02%02%7f%ff%04

SystemAudioVolume /

efi-boot-device <array ID="0"><dict ID="1"><key>BLLastBSDName</key><string ID="2">disk0s2</string><key>IOMatch</key><dict ID="3"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="4">IOMedia</string><key>IOPropertyMatch</key><dict ID="5"><key>UUID</key><string ID="6">7AB23479-5B23-4576-83B0-0CDF841C5134</string></dict></dict></dict></array>


bless --info is:


yeahyeah:~ jack$ bless --info

finderinfo[0]: 3192 => Blessed System Folder is /System/Library/CoreServices

finderinfo[1]: 353393 => Blessed System File is /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi

finderinfo[2]: 0 => Open-folder linked list empty

finderinfo[3]: 0 => No OS 9 + X blessed 9 folder

finderinfo[4]: 0 => Unused field unset

finderinfo[5]: 3192 => OS X blessed folder is /System/Library/CoreServices

64-bit VSDB volume id: 0x90044C07A0F43053


I can send you the boot.efi if you would kindly send me an email address.

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