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CD Import Problems: Why are you STOPPING!

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Hey guy,


First post, so, please be gentle.


I bought my MacBook in September (my first Mac) and really haven't had any problems with it...till now. I moved my old music collection via external hard drive, so this morning as the first time I've tried to import a music CD. I started importing the CD at about 9am and it's now 9:30am and it's hung up on the fifth song...


1) Has anyone else with a MacBook had this problem?


2) Am I going to have to take it up to the Genius Bar only to have them tell me they'll have to send it off?


3) I've got AppleCare on the Machine. Is it still going to cost me to send it off?


Thanks and I'm enjoying the forums. May even ahve to become a regular, who knows!


GO Blazers!!!

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