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Help! Belkin card and Netgear ADSL modem/router

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Hi -


I have a problem in that I can't connect my Netgear modem/router with my Belkin card. Here are the specs of my kit:


Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium 867mhz, no airport card, 512mb RAM, OS 10.3.9,


Belkin Wireless G Plus Notebook card, model no F5D7011, version no 1212uk


Netgear 54mbps wireless ADSL modem router, model DG834G v3


My problem is that after getting the Netgear up and running with the Mac connected to the internet via ethernet, I can't work out how to get it to see the Belkin card. The card is seen by the computer as an icon pops up in the bar at the top of the screen, it is also seen in System Profiler as "Third Party Wireless Card".


Seems the card doesn't have the correct chipset? I'm not sure which one it does have but does anyone know which one it has and whether there are drivers available for it?


Any help much appreciated! Thanks.

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