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NOTE for 1st time installers: Check your cables

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I thought I would put this out there as I haven't seen it posted anywhere yet - Apologies is this is a noob observation:


I have: Jas 10.4.8 running on an A8N-SLI:Athlon 64 X2@4800:2GB RAM:QuadroFX1400


I've seen a lot of people unable to get off the ground with basic read failures from DVD. On my old machine I had a speed/function issue resolved by upgrading my 40-wire IDE/ATA cable to an 80-wire for full UDMA function/speed.


That memory clicked while I was checking my hardware on my new machine, to make sure my HD and DVD were on the same cable (according to an advisory). My hardware was correctly configured, but I discovered my new machine only had a 40-wire cable. I swapped it for an 80-wire cable, and the installation worked like a charm.


Note for beginners: Both cables have the same number of pins (40) at either end, but the 80-wire (wide) cables allow for more speed and udma function. Just look at the cable and count how many strands. If you only count 40, it MAY be the source of your problem.

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