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OSX Installation Problems

Nick bs

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Hello Members outthere.... Hope that one of you can help me with this problem...!


My Vega X72 laptop Specifikation:

Intel Core 2 Duo T7200

American Megatrends Motherboard

2 GB DDR2 667mhz

100 Gb Hitashi Sata HD


I had mac installed once a time... but after I Upgrade/flashed to a newer BIOS, It would not Boot correct with Darwin... It's Just reboot after 6 sec in Darwin boot loader...!


Hope that someone now what to do... !



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More Info of the BIOS-ROM...



BIOS INFORMATION-----------------

Core Version = 8.00

Tag = X52IA106

RomBuild Version = 4.06

Date = 02/02/07



Image Size = 512 KB

Linked-List Pointers = SEG:OFF

Split Modules = NO

RomHoles = YES

Non-Critical Blocks = NO

Boot Block Size = 10000

Ext. Boot Block Size = 0

INIT Location = F0000

INIT Size = 10000

Boot Block Free Space = Disabled

BIOS Header Location = DFFEA

Dual BIOS Image = NO


RESERVED SPACE--------------------

Bios Supported NVRAM = Lacation:E0000 Size:10000



Hope that someone understand this... and can see the problem I have!



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Did you solve your problem. I have the same mobo as you but mine came with 1.06 already on it. so i tried downgrading to 1.05. now i cant boot so i'm sending off my bios chip to be re flashed.

my question is what bios revision were you on originally when osx86 was working. I'm asking because i can choose the bios they flash it with.


regards jon

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I've sorted it, i've got the 1.05 bios and osx86 is functioning and not 6second rebooting now. i'd forgotten to flash it with the /pbnc command. let me know if you want a copy of the bios.regards jonalso i was wondering if you ever got sound and video running in osx86. thats my next hurdle to cross.

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