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JaS 10.4.8 on HPd530 wont shut down

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Hi friends- First post


With help from this forum, I was able to install 10.4.8 on the HP. First install was smooth, but I broke it after letting the machine autoupdate (yeah, i knew better, but why not, right?)


After a difficult re-install, I was able to get the box up and running again, with network ( BCM5782 chip)- but she wont shut down properly. Just hits the blue splash screen and hangs. Is it possible to watch the shutdown processes in a console or something like with linux, to maybe see where the hangup is? or maybe somebody has seen this already and its too buried for my lazy search skills. :) This machine has base hardware, no other issues except a usb overcurrent warning on boot.


thanks, DJ

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Hi dynamite;


I've recently got one of these machines and I've managed to get 10.4.8 installed after some fighting with the machine. I've got the latest bios (2.43).


It installed fine, but then it had uber issues booting into the fresh install. I was getting either a blank blue screen with no cursor, blank black screen turned sideways with mouse cursor or blue garbled display. Each time I had to turn off the machine and fiddle with bios settings again.


I've found that the only way to get it to boot is to turn off the Processor Cache which unfortunately makes the machine run rather slow BUT it boots and runs. Can anyone let me know how to fix this?




All i've done is put in 1gb ram and my 250gb SATA drive from my AMD machine and that all works fine.

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OK, I ended up getting it to work with processor cache on after replacing the loginwindow with 10.4.4 although when I went to boot into it tonight it was b0rked again.


I've put on 10.4.5 and it worked straight up after installing AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext to get the Broadcom adaptor working. Now I'll just get the latest macvidia/titan/natit to get 1800x1440 again and then I might try to do an Update install with my 10.4.8 disc as it seems the 10.4.9 updates aren't that easy to do yet, or maybe I'll try to backup my kernel/kexts and have a bash at 10.4.10



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I'm totaly new here. My wife got a mac first so i thought i'd give it a try. I found the same machine (HP d530) sitting somewhere and installed 10.4.4 i think. That was the only installation i got from a friend. I see that you had different probs but succeded with installing broadcom ethernet adaptor. I'm still having problems with it. I checked some other topics here did all they said got it running til the first reboot and now nothing. Did you do anything special to get it working?? And where to find the rest of the drivers for this HP (sound card integrated, graphic card integrated)?

Or should i just get a newer version of osx?


Thanks a lot!!!!

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