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PKR over CrossOver

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Hey guys.


For a while I've been running XP on my desktop machine and OS X on my MacBook. Really all I used my desktop for was games, but on my XP machine the PSU recently exploded. I've got a small 9gb XP partition on my MacBook now using Boot Camp, but it's a pretty bad space hog -- and it's a pain to reboot every time I want to run anything that I can't get emulated under OS X.


Direct3D has worked for me for other games through CrossOver so far, but PKR - the popular online poker game - won't run. I had to install IE 6 on CrossOver which gave me a bit of luck, but it stil crashes before it starts properly.


I was just wondering if anyone had got this app running under CrossOver (or parallels? I doubt it, although Parallels 3 will probably help my problem) and could point me in the right direction?


I've tried different OS compatability, different OS bottles, etc.


Thanks in advance! :)

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