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SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio

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I have ASUS A8JS notebook. I have installed 10.4.8 from




My sound card is "SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio" with Ven = 11D4 and Dev =1986.

About UAA is Ven = 8086, Dev = 27D8.

I have tried the following solutions:


1) Remove AppleHDA.kext and AppleAC97Audio.kext. Modify the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext.

Then the system can recognize the HD Audio, and I can see the sound icon on

system tray. But I can't hear any sound!!!


(ps: If I don't remove AppleHDA.kext, the system can't recognize the HD Audio.)


2) Use the method of "AppleHDA Patcher" from this page



But the system crash for all these patchers. (I think my kernel is 8.8.1)


I have not tried the mehtod of Modifing AppleAC97Audio.kext, because I don't know

what string should I enter like "ADS71 ADS70 ADS69 ADS68", I don't know what

do they mean.


I have heard someone got this sound card works!! Can anyone with the same sound card who got it works can help me ???? Please....Thanks!


ps : All my hardware controller are Intel® 8280G (ICH7 Family)

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