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the final dilemma

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Okay, I've been reading a lot on this forum and others. I started out with an AMD system in my mind but with the recent price cuts i'm really considering INTEL right now. I don't need a dedicated video card, an integrated one will do just fine. I read that the new AMD 690g chipset has the best integrated video card today and I would like to use it. Since the only intel-mobo that uses this chipset is ABIT F-I90HD Fatal1ty I would like to know is this OSX viable or not. I sifted through the wiki HCL but it isn't there. does that mean it doesn't work or that nobody tried it yet? Anyway, this is my desired system:


CPU: Intel E2160

MOBO: ABIT F-I90HD Fatal1ty

RAM: Kingmax 667Mhz 2x1GB

MEDIA: Pioneer 111D DVD-RW

HDD: Hitachi 160GB


And here is another one of my concernes, should I get a SATA harddisk or an IDE one? I would really love it if it could be SATA because this mobo has just one IDE connector and I would need to buy a controller which I don't want to do.

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if you want you can took Sata,but the difference is minimal...


i`ve seen sata and ata (ide),and there is no difference in speed...maybe i`m wrong....

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