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Latitude D400 loads and runs with little to no color

Gary S

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Aloha Group..

I'm new to playing around with putting OSx86 onto Intel machines.. I am so intrigued with this and have been working hard at getting it running..

From the minute I put the disk in and start loading it, everything runs in probably 4 bit or 2 bit color.. Everything is in a grey/black and white color.. Very hard to read things, but I do get through the install.. When the machine finally comes up after install it's still in that mode..

I have a feeling it's an issue with the video card driver?

I have loaded it on my ACER laptop as well with the same disk and that one worked well..So I have to say it's something with the Dell Latitude D400 laptop..

Anyone else have this problem??

What can I do to get around this and make it look normal with full color, or even 256 color..

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


Thanks and aloha

Gary S.

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