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This Configuration work's fine)))

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Hi guys!

Maybe someone interesting this...


My conf.:


Motherboard: ECS on P4P800 chipset

Processor: Celeron ("326") 2.53Ghz with SSE3 support

Memory: 512Mb

Sound Built-in AC97 (5.1)

Graphic: ATI RADEON X1300XT

Mouse and Keyboard PS/2

HDD IDE Samsung 128Gb


Installing Jas 10.4.6 distr., with patches Maxxuss Intel and SSE3 support

After installing on my PC: mono sound, no support Quartz and don't change resolution and refresh rate (only 1024x768 and 60hz).

I'm download fixed kext for AC97 with stereo, download Borisbadenov natit .pkg installer.

After Installed AC97 kext I repair Permissions and rebooting, stereo sound work it's well. Them I installed Borisbadenov natit driver, but not rebooting, Open /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX1000.kext/Contains/Info.plist like nano command in terminal, change Dev. ID and Vendor, for me it 71CE1002, changed this and repair string ID my card like a X1300XT.


Well Done. All devices work stability and full accelerate 3-D, Quartz support and other.

This configuration work is very well, non mouse artefacts and bugs.

ATI X1300XT work on Borisbadenov's method!

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