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DVD Player - sound but no video


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okay, i have finally got my system up and mostly running well (a HUGE thanks to uphuck-universal 1.2 dvd and devilhood's tutorial)


my system:

dell inspiron e1405

video: intel 950 (ci/qe working fine including dual display)

audio: sigmatel hd audio (thanks to taruga and patcher)

ethernet: broadcom 440x (using older kext)

no wireless (intel wireless)


I have been reading posts for a couple hours on this issue, but have found no solution to this one. the issue i am currently working on is the built in dvd player.


i get sound but no image, i can navigate menus, but again no image.


i have gotten vlc to work (had to enable a setting to get rid of green screen, but it works now).


i would like to know if anyone knows if there is a setting that i can change to get the built in dvd player working? I have vlc going ok, but it would be nice to get the built in one working seeing as it seems it should be possible. :)


any help would be greatly appreciated.



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