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HELP Hardware system x86!

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Hi all!


I heard on Google and other topics here about 'the best' motherboard...but i heard about all different models...Could you people please tell me wich is the most best as good as 100% compatible motherboard and wich graphics etc.. for an affordable price...i'm looking for something between 100 and 150€


I had to save a lot of time till i get money enough to purchase a Mac Os X86 machine because i'm only 14 years old so i don't want to buy something that i will be sorry about..


So can you ppl plz tell me wich motherboard is the most compatible but not extreme expensive?And maybe a lil explication about the graphics too..


At least i also want to know wich processor i shall choose..a Pentium 4HT or a Pentium D? A Celeron don't support SSE3 i guess and an Intel Core 2 Duo is way too expensive to me...


So i really want to know what is the best solution because i don't want to purchase stuff and then have small problems with it...


I will have a great respect for those who want to help me...



PS: Sorry for my bad English, i am Romanian. :(

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