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Not even able to get Darwin to load


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Alright, a friend of mine at work brought in an install disk (JOS OSX 10.4.8), and we are trying to get it to install on a system of mine. Specs are as follows:


Intel d845bg

P4 2.0GHz

2x256Mb PC2700 RAM

NVIDIA 5500 256Mb

IDE Seagate Barracuda 40Gb

400w Power Supply

DVD reader

Generic case



Everything non-critical was removed, what you see above is ALL that is in the system.


When we boot from the disk, Darwin tries to load, but early on in the loading process, it crashes and the system simply restarts. The last line on the screen before the reset is as follows:


Loading HFS+ file: [/system/Library/Extensions.mkett] from 4230450


And then it resets. I got the message by pressing f8 and entering -v when it asks if I want to load the advanced options.


What can I do to get this working? Is there any special commands I can use or diagnostics to get a more elaborate error message? Thanks for any and all help.

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