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It finally installed! Asus P4C800, P4 SSE2 2.8, ATi 9800 Pro


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ok, so I got uphuck's 1.2 DVD, and this is my first time trying to make a hackintosh.


I have the following

Intel P4 2.8GHz SSE2

2x512MB Kingston 400MHz Dual Channel memory

ASUS P4C800 Deluxe motherboard

and ATi 9800 AIW Pro video card.


I tried installing it probably 7 times before this one actually worked, to be honest, I can't remember what options I picked that finally got it going.


Intel Kernal, but I think I DID NOT select the IOATA option with it. that was the final trick that got it in.


I formatted the my HD(Western Digital 60GB, which is running as Primary SLAVE. I have WinXP on a seperate RAID set up, so I just dual boot via my BIOS, easy enough). I formatted it with Mac OS Extended Journaled, then I went to the partion tab, selection Options, picked Master Boot, and then clicked Partition. This was a critical step to getting it to work as well.


I didn't select ANY of the drivers. I don't think even USB. I did select all the applications I wanted though, firefox, adrium, VLC etc, and they all work great.


About this mac works fine. I haven't had a panic yet, and I've opened a number of programs.


So, now what? my 9800 Pro is only running 1024x768 with no other options. I think I saw a thread on here somewhere about the 9600, so I'll try that later.


Is there ANY way to get a wireless network card to work?


I have a USR 5416 wireless G card in here. Is there anything that will make this work? what about however you install WinXP inside of OSX, and installing the drivers into that virtual boot up of windows and some how making that network internally into OSX? and then just minimizing the winxp inside of it while using osx?


lastly, is there any way to get a PS2 Keyboard to work in OSX? I had one connected during the install and it did nothing.. I hooked up an old USB keyboard, and it worked fine. I like my ergo-PS2 Keyboard better though, so I'd like to just use that. Thanks.


I apologize if I sound new, but thats because I am. But I DID manage to get this installed on PC hardware that I have not noticed on Wiki or in here to have been working before! :)


Thanks to all those who posted before me, to allow me to do all the research I needed to get this far!



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