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USRobotics Network Card - WTF?!

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I've got a problem with another PC, i installed OSx86 on.

The Computers mainboard is an Asus P4B800E and installing the OS

was some kind of stealing children's lollypops.

Everything works great. I was using JaS 10.4.7 with SSE2-Support and installed the Wireless Support, too,

because the machine is connecting over an USRobotics USR805417 Wireless LAN-Card.

All that I found was a "Not configured" AirPort symbol in the taskbar.

I installed again and - now comes the "Jesus walks over water" part - when the setup assistant asked

for the network connection i typed in the SSID of the WLAN-Access Point and inserted the password: It worked!


The taskbar still showed the AirPort icon with no possibilities of configuring ("Not configured"),

but was connected over the integrated LAN :) Wireless Wire?!

Shouldn't disturb me, but after rebooting the machine, the connection was lost

and there wasn't any possibilitie to configure a wireless connection at all.


Can anyone help me with that problem?! I returned to Windows on that computer now - it's an imposition. :boxing:



thank you.




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