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Great OS X Appz that...


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The following apps and databases kept my XP partition alive but no more. I wanted to share because I do think it will help some people:


Total Commander - Disk Order


I know it's not TC but has FTP, burning, "zip as folder", tabs, batch renamer, customizable shortcuts etc. I tried all the alternatives including muCommander, ForkLift etc. Settled down with this one.


Total Commander's lst plugin - CDFinder


The good old CDFinder but... I couldn't find any quick ways to convert my lst database so I now have to add every single backup DVD I burned to CDFinder's database! PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT!


Total Commander's Synchronize function - SuperDuper!


Solid app.


Total Commander's SFV function - MacSFV


Creates and verifies SFV files.


Total Commander's MD5 function - MD5


Creates and verifies MD5 files.


Acronis TrueImage - SuperDuper!


TrueImage successfully backs up and restores Hackintosh partitions. I use SuperDuper! for my iBook.


bbLean with bbKeys plugin - Spark


Nice but I still prefer no GUI. :)


TrueCrypt - Built-in encrypted image support

Apps/Utilities/Disk Utility

New home of my pr0n and personal stuff.


VNC - Chicken of the VNC as viewer, built-in remote desktop server as server


OK but can't send files to a remote computer. I know Apple Remote Desktop can do, but it's slow and refuses to connect most of the time.


WinRAR - SimplyRAR


Free app but you cannot find it everywhere because of copyrighted rar format. This app packs and unpacks multipart rar archives easily.


Ant Movie Catalog - DVDpedia


I have a huge movie collection which was kept in Ant Movie Catalog for years. I had to export the whole collection as CVS from AMC and import to DVDpedia. Saved me a "huge" amount of effort.


Subtitle Workshop - Sears


OK app.


Opera - Opera


Easily carried my XP's Opera settings to OS X. See how: http://my.opera.com/neeraj_deshmukh/blog/show.dml/6579


Miranda - Adium


Multi protocol messaging. Nice!


uTorrent - Transmission and Azureus


Azureus only if I need partial download. Transmission for everything else.


Comodo Firewall - Little Snitch


No more calling home apps


foobar2000 with global shortcuts function - iTunes with Spark


No need to put the effort to customize to a usable GUI. I still like foobar2000 better though.


VirtualDub - Mostly MPEG Streamclip


Only for pr0n with unusual codecs. There's better apps for professional work.


Media Player Classic - VLC


I miss MPC.


NOD32 - None at the moment :hysterical:


ConTEXT - Smultron


Nice app.


All other proper commercial apps run on both of the platforms so it's no problem. There is more but I was thinking about a shortlist and it got so long. So I will stop here. :hysterical:


I will gladly read your favorites if you share them.


This will be crossposted to a few forums but I think it's OK.


PS: I can still boot into any OS including XP by using VM tools but it's not the same thing as having XP on a different partititon.

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