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Questions on backups and bluetooth


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I recently installed WindowsXP on my 15" MacBookPro, dual 2.3. I used BootCamp 1.2 and put Windows in a 32-gig partition of my 160-gig internal drive. Installation went more or less OK, and everything seems to be running fine.


2 Questions:


1) Backing up the Windows partition -- I use Carbon Copy Cloner to back up my internal drive to an external 160-gig LaCie drive. This program won't copy or even recognize the new Windows partition (since it works for Mac OS formatted drives only). What's a good solution for backing up my Windows partition? Obviously I can create a 32-gig partition on the external drive as a place to back up the Windows partition, I just don't know what would be a good choice of software to actually do the backups. Should I even just get a program to run backups from inside Windows itself?


2) Bluetooth -- Every time I reboot Windows, I have to go back through the process of getting windows to pair with my cordless Mighty Mouse and Apple Keyboard. Anyone found a way to keep these things from losing sync?


Thanks for any help!



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