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Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U

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Hi Everyone:


I'm typing this message on Dell Inspiron 1300 running OSx86 10.4.6 with Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U and Sierra Wireless Watcher Lite. The Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U will work with any Mac running OS X 10.4 and above with free USB Connection.


So far, I've tested with Dell Inspiron 1300 and Dell Optiplex GX-260 both running OSx86 10.4.6. The software, Sierra Wireless Watcher Lite, is PowerPC only but it works just as well after getting started. The device works flawlessly and offers download speeds of up to 500K over Sprint EVDO Network (!)


I'm wondering if anyone else had similar experience with USB Cellular Cards. By the way, our company purchased the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U to run with Windows laptops. The fact that it also supports OS X is a bonus (!) :)

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be careful with that aircard 595u... one of our customers discovered the hard way that if you manage to run the internal battery down until its dead, you may not be able to reconnect until the battery is both recharged and the device is re-activated onto account. what a pain in the ###. talk about an engineering oversight!


we're advising all customers who are still within their 30day trial period to reconsider and buy the novatel u720 instead. its been rock solid since it was released by us last november!

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Hi danyel,


Yes i too agree with EVDO. But i think Sierra Wireless Aircar 875U has fixed these issues because i'm currently using that, i got none of the problems so far. By the way i really think Sierra Manufactures are way ahead from the novatel. Do you want to see what i'm using ? .Here is the link. I bought it from Press Digital and quality is good too. By the way i got it under free shipping.




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