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Post-Install Issues


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Alright so I have used OS x86 on my PC before and I recently felt like reinstalling it. I have been hit my a whole bunch of issues that are not being solved. Alright so first of all my On-board Via Ethernet doesnt work, but OS X see's it. I knew this would be an issue before so I installed an old 3com pci card and it worked. But when I install it now it doesn't work?! -WTF Next issue USB support, it works for my keyboard and mouse but once I plug my ipod or anything else into the back i/o ports nothing works. The only way anything works is if I plug things into my apple USB keyboard but it's hella slow. Any ideas?


edit: I have tried to compile the kext from apples open source site but it keeps giving me errors. I have set to use the 10.4u SDK.

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