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forum searched: new P5W-DH Deluxe hardware input?


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I've reviewed and lurked many, many posts here in anticipation of scraping together a new build to run OSx86.




Any reports of this particular one working? I'd like to get 512MB VRAM but the other option is a HiS IceQ3 X1950XT 256MB. A few months ago using ATI meant tearing--has this been fixed with jcool's stuff?


cpu: E4400/4300/6600

mobo: ASUS P5W Deluxe

sound card: x-fi platinum (plan on using realtek onboard in osx) -- how does unsupported hardware appear in OSX?

hd: sata WD5000AAKS 500gb hd

burner: sata pioneer DVR-212 DVD burner


Used search extensively but it's late right now and I can't find the easiest, most straightforward "how-to" off-hand (that I saw earlier a few weeks ago) on


1. what to download

2. what order to install/patch?


Apologies in advanced from a hackintosh noob.





#3. plan to have 2 physical hd to boot osx/vista/xp/ubuntu--wondering what the recommended boot order/arrangement/install order is?

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