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hardware compatability

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I have a hardware configuration and i was wondering if all my choices were compatable with osx86

i would like to be able to dual boot xp and os x (vista has to many problems so far) and i was wondering if it was possible

I havent bought anything so itd be helpful of you could tell me any changes that needed to be made



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Ok, two things....


One, everything should pretty much work, but not necessarily out of the box. However you'll have to do some research on how to get it working AND there is one part on your list that will NOT work. Which leads me to two...


Two, the forum works a little better when you try your own work first. Your soundblaster card won't work, its a universal no no. However, your built in audio on that board will. It's your first post, no biggy. Just in the future try the search engine a little; you would have found that problem right away.


Remember, as always, there are no guarantees. But, my two cents is stay with the built in audio. Unless you're an audiophile I doubt you'll really care about the difference anyway.


Good luck,


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