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Usb To Lan with pegasus drivers

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I own the wrost notebook for osx86 :) (asus z81g)

It have a sis 900 and i cant get the pcmcia to work, so the only way for me to have a wired network is the usb adapter.

Pegasus one works fine, but often it "hangs". I can surf the net and access network files at full speed for a while, but after a random time the adapter stop working. I just have to unplug and plug it in again 2 or three times and it works again. Here at home i got a dhcp and i must do it every 5 minutes and it's very annoying, at the university i got a fixed ip and sometimes it hangs sometimes i can use it for hours without problems. Any idea? Can i see the error messages of the driver in some way so i could have a clue?


Thanks in advance.

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