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Part Success, Part Confusion


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Well, I sucessfully got OSX86 working, sort of. I can run SSE3 programs like iTunes on my Newcastle Athlon 64 3200+... But, I can't boot up normally, I have to boot up using the -x flag. If I don't, the kernel panics and says you need to reboot. I'm working on getting an error log. Also, it picks up that I have a network card, but I can't use networking... Is this because my ethernet isn't supported?? Here are my specs:


Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle (SSE2)

Abit K8V Pro Motherboard

512mb RAM

Radeon X800 XTPE

On-Board LAN Port and Sound


My sound is AC'97/8237, which from what I understand is supported, but it doesn't work.


Any help would be great.

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