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[Question]OS X not booting


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I installed mac os x on my pc, i have it dual booted with windows xp pro, i succesfully started mac os x and i was in the operating system, everything worked fine, i did the update and restarted, instead of loading the mac os it showed the mac loading screen for a split second and the computer restarted, it does this every time i try to load os x and simply doesnt start.


Sorry if there is already a post about this, i have a feeling its something to do with upgrading to 4.9, then again it was my first boot, so i have no way of knowing if it did this with 4.8


Specs:mobo: asus p5w dh deluxe, processor: e6600 core 2 duo, GFX card: ati x1900xtx. i installed os 10.4.8 and upgraded to 10.4.9

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