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DV-AVI files have STOPPED playing...


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Hi All,


I have a probllem that has just crept up on me all of a sudden...


I am now, unable to load DV-AVI files that I used to be able to load without any issues at all!


I have a number of AVI files that were captured under windows, some time back. I recently (end of March 2007) used some of these files importing them into iMovieHD, no probs.


Now when I try and open these files, quicktime loads, the menu appears but as the qt window is about to be drawn on the screen, quicktime closes, and the finder window closes.


Also when I pull up any of these files in the finder window and select get info, the same thing happens. The info pane appears as a flash on the screen, then it sloses and so does the finder window.


I have recently installed WMP 9 for MAC so I could use some WMV files I had, and if I try and open the AVI's in this app, it just shows an error of 'invalid file type' or similar. I can't import them through any programs at all, they just keep ddoing the same thing.


So I'm a little stumped, as I have been using these wihtout any problems for some time.


I have defragged, moved data to another drive, verified and repaired permissions, loaded the files up again from backups... Nothing is working, it's not making any sense...


Any help would be great. I'm hoping I'm just missing something real basic!






I was just able to play one of them in Toast8. Pulled it in to a DVD-video and went into edit, it played in Toast's preview window... What's the go?


It must be a QT/Apple software issue, or my apple codec is corrupted?


Not solved, just more confused now!




Since I opened the bloody files in Toast, they all seem to now load in QT, iMovieHD and every other program I have that uses video!


What the????


I must just be going insane...


Did someone on the forum hack into my computer and Fix It???


That's two days, that I have had this problem and all of sudden its fixed as inconspicuously as it appeared in the firt place.




NOTE TO MODS: You can delete this thread at will, Thanks

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