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Recommend an inexpensive SATA RAID card?

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Finally I have a OSX10.4.9 + Vista dual boot setup up and running with my Asus P5B deluxe. Everything seems to work reasonably well except for sleep and ICH8R RAID. Looks like there is no hope that native hardware RAID support with this motherboard will happen in foreseeable future.


Therefore, I set up a software RAID 1 array with OSX's Disk Utility. The problem is it always become degraded within a day or so. I suspect that MacDrive in windows tries to access the RAID drives and degrades them. But I can't find any similar report on the web.


Anyhow, looks like the only reliable option now is to buy a dedicated SATA RAID. I understand that even the manufracturer claims a piece of hardware to be OSX compatible doesn't mean it must work for a hackintosh. That's why I'm asking for your recommendation here.


Do you know of / have tried any inexpensive SATA RAID card that works with OSX86?



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Hi, other than the P5W DH on board Raid0 I found that Thecus n2050 is using the exact same Silicon Image chipset:



With Thecus n2050 Raid0 as the boot drive works great on my Gigabyte DS3 with 10.4.9 + Final Cut Studio 2 :rolleyes: and everything runs so fast!!!


This is the cheapest solution that boots from a raid0 drive I found so far. If you are building a brand new system, P5W DH works great.



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