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delete security update :P

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hi mates!


i have a silly problem on my osx86 machine.


i accidently installed newest security update on my 10.4.9 with 8.9.1 kernel system.

the thing is that my baby doesnt boot up anymore.

maybe there is a trick to get it running again?

i need to prvent new installation coz some data are on this hdd only...

im not sure if i can install with overwriting the old installation. i would agree to that if

there is no other possibility to get back the system.


my system is:


msi k8n neo4 platinum nforce 4 ultra

amd x2 4600

2gb cellshock ddr500

250gb western digital ide drive

bfg gf8800gts



really hope u can give me some answers and help me soon.






ps: i used tubgirls tiger 10.4.9 which is perfect for my machine

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